Mercer County Nutrition Program For The Elderly

The Nutrition Project for the Elderly was established under the Older Americans Act. This law provides for many of the needs of the elderly in the United States. One of these needs was determined to be in the area of Nutrition. Our agency provides older persons with nutritionally balanced and appetizing meals. These meals are served in centers that bring people together for activities and social contact, which are important aspects of everyone’s life.

Anyone 60 years of age or older, or anyone married to a person 60 years or older can participate. Each person is asked to donate whatever he or she chooses, or our suggested donation of $1.00. Each person’s privacy is respected, and donations are confidential.

Our caterer prepares a complete lunch each day that includes an appetizer, main entree, vegetables, bread, beverage, and dessert. All meals are specifically planned to provide at least one-third of an older persons daily nutritional needs by a qualified nutritionist.

However, this only partially describes our program, as we also provide a variety of other services. We offer Nutrition Education, and other Health, Educational and Recreational Programs. Activities include card playing and bingo.

Our Nutrition Sites are located throughout Mercer County. Meals are served Monday through Friday. Contact our main office for assistance at 989-6650.

Transportation is available to many of our sites by the County’s TRADE service. Call the Nutrition Office for information on door-to-door transportation.